Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quiet but busy July...

This has been a busy month for several of us. Fortunately one of the members of our group decided to have a quick and impromptu yarn-bombing in Lodi on Friday night. Three of us went out after preparing butterflies, bees and flowers and strolled down School Street to leave our mark.

It was her first yarn-bombing, and I think she had wanted to do it at a park originally, but the two of us who had done it before said School Street would be better.

The first time you yarn-bomb, it can be a bit anxiety-filled. You worry about drawing attention to yourself, you worry about some authority figure coming around and arresting you... it feels like you've got a spotlight on you. It can be hard to act natural.

We did pretty good last night, walking in a group with "bombs" in-hand; we would occasionally stop and "chat" or "make a cell phone call" while one of us quickly tied something on. Benches were good; we could sit and attach something. There are a LOT of security cameras on this street; while "window-shopping", we would try and scope out cameras to determine if we could put something outside without being caught. I'm sure we were, but we did try and minimize our film time.

Also, downtown Lodi has police officers riding by on bicycles. While our first-time bomber attached her striped wrap around one of the bicycle poles outside the Chinese restaurant, we stood in a group (well, she was hunched over, crocheting) and were acting like we were just standing around, using our cell phones as the cop pedaled by. He said something like "you ladies doing okay?" and we said "fine, thanks" and he didn't even slow down, just kept on going!

We are making plans for a larger-scale bombing in August sometime. If you're interested in participating, let us know. We're going to be having a planning meeting next weekend.

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