Friday, August 26, 2011

article in the Record

I went in earlier this week to meet with Michael Fitzgerald regarding our yarnbombing of California Street. We had a pretty good chat in his "corner office" (his desk is in one of the corners of the newsroom) about what Knitorious 209 is doing, why I personally like it and a bit of background about my interest in crafts. I knew an article was going to be in the paper later in the week (Friday or Sunday) but wasn't sure when, or what all would be in it.

Cue the text messages, starting shortly after 7 am. "Have you seen the front page of the Record?" was the first.

My first thought? "Oh dear... my mother is going to kill me."*

Our article is actually on page A-3 (and continued on A-4), but when I dashed off to the 7-11 on my way to work (yes, I don't subscribe anymore - sometimes I didn't have time to read it, and unopened papers would pile up in the basket inside the door, making a comfy bed for the cats to sleep on).... I wasn't sure what to expect.

My jaw dropped when I saw the top of the paper.  (and I like that below is the headline "Nightmare Scenario". Not that the East Coast is in danger from a hurricane, just how it reads: "Stockton Goes Knits.... Nightmare Scenario".)

The "pom-bomb" on the cover is the one we left for Mr. Fitzgerald on the front door of the Record's office, back in June.

It is an amazing article, and Knitorious appreciates the publicity! We also hope it inspires others to yarn-bomb the area as well.

[ETA:] We've also been featured on his blog today as well. Check it out, here.

* She didn't kill me, BTW, but when I called her up - before she'd read the paper - she asked if I was quoted in the paper, and when I confirmed it, she said "Oh, no...."

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