Saturday, August 20, 2011

California Street "bombing"

Last night, three of us went yarn-bombing along California Street, between Alpine and Pine Streets. We did quite a few little things, especially in front of a children's clinic, where some of the poles got monster feet. We snapped a couple of pictures - hope to go back tomorrow or Monday and take some daylight pictures. I'm hoping to see if anyone comes here because of the new tags on the yarnbombs - we added a QR code to them.

We were supposed to be accompanied by Michael Fitzgerald from the Record, as he was unable to make it in June and had wanted to come along and participate, but he did not materialize or phone me, tho I had responded to his email requesting my cell number.

Our original plan had been to bomb the Miracle Mile for the street festival that was supposed to take place today, but 1) it had been bombed already by someone else on the 4th of July, and 2) the festival got cancelled.

Note to other yarn-bombers: do not buy zip ties at the 99 cent store. They break easily! Will be sticking with better-quality zip ties in the future.

We have a few large "art projects" in mind for next year, though they will take some planning (and hopefully more participants - yes, we welcome volunteers!). Meantime, we will probably do one more bombing in the next couple of months... we want to do places that need a little fun and color, where there's a good amount of foot traffic. Suggestions welcome!

And I want to thank the UPS Store in Lodi for their awesome job in helping us prepare our paper hang tags. The previous time, we got them printed at another store, but for some reason, the embedded fonts in my .pdf file don't save correctly, so some of the text comes out with pictographs. The original store had fixed the issue back in June, but apparently has new, less-proficient staff working the copy center. The owner of the UPS Store was able to fix the issue and get the copies printed ASAP, without charging a "rush" fee that the original store was going to charge me.

Off to work on some pom-bombs for the next time!

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