Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pictures from the California Street yarn bombing!

As I was in downtown Stockton this afternoon, I decided to check in and see how our yarn bombing was holding up.

My first (and favorite) monster foot was gone. For some reason, bus stops seem to lose their decorations quickest. I don't know why... is it a city worker? someone on the street?

Some of the paper tags were gone on things remaining up. I don't know if people are removing them, or they're being whipped around in the wind, or what. May have to experiment with stronger paper...

Anyhow, I took pics of only one side of the street, as I did not want to run across a busy street to get the other side's "bombs". I did see several still up, some with the papers waving in the breeze.

Is this what they call a California Stop? Well, it has a foot on the bottom of the pole; maybe it will hop out and attack you!

 A closer view of the foot. Much nicer tagging than the sprayed graffiti on the ground.

A flower on the corner of the fence. Tag was gone, and it looks like someone gave it a good yank.

This "pom-bomb" did not last - someone either wanted it, or didn't like it, I'm guessing.

Another monster foot on the No Parking sign. This one was missing its tag, also.

Close-up of the foot.

A little flower wrapped around a pole; again, missing tag (no, that's not it in the bushes behind). This was turned to face the other way; I twisted it around before taking a photo (yes, I'm advising it was staged. Well, "adjusted".)

Another flower bomb, this one placed up high. Yay! Still a tag attached!

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