Saturday, June 11, 2011

Did you find us because of a "tag"?

Did you find one of these floating around somewhere unusual?

We've already placed a few small "yarn bombs" up in Stockton... more to come tonight. Pictures too, of course. Yes, we're a little nervous about it... it can be viewed as vandalism, though it is temporary and shouldn't harm anything. We're being very careful about how we're doing this, to be considerate of property and plant life.

If you found our tags... What did you think when you noticed the yarn? Did it remind you of something, someone, or an important memory? Did it please you? Annoy you? Baffle you? Please comment and let us know.

Yes, we realize there are much more "worthy" things we could be doing with our scrap yarn. But it's ours. We have made blankets, scarves, hats and other items for charity in the past - most recently for Warm Up America earlier this year. We are entitled to have fun, too, aren't we?  :)

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