Friday, June 17, 2011

Yarnbombing, one week later

Drove by to check out things at the park. Most of the stuff has been removed; however I saw a few flowers on poles, and cherries in the trees. The flagpole wrap has slid or been pulled down toward the base of the pole... I'm going with pulled because the bottom zip tie is gone.

Won't anyone go push it back up higher on the pole?

I wonder where the items have gone. Many have visited this blog, but no comments left. Did you take something? We'd love to hear from you...

Next project due in August. Will have sneak peeks from time to time. And we'll be keeping our skills up with random tagging in the area. Watch for pics!


  1. I couldn't have taken anything as I now live more than two thousand miles away from my hometown of Stockton. I did want to say though, that, what I saw of your creations on Mike Fitzgerald's blog made me smile... Especially the 'tree snake' (smile). Bravo!

  2. Glad you enjoyed! Did you see the apple by the snake? One of us made the apple, another made the snake, and while we were getting things ready to go, we decided they had to go together!

    Even though you don't live in the area anymore, is there someplace in Stockton you can think of that might need some hand-knit decorations?