Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yarnbombing for money?

Well, not quite. We definitely won't be doing any of this for advertising a business.... It would take the fun and spontaneity out of it, otherwise.

On June 11th, as we were preparing our items for our yarnbomb by adding tags and finishing up last-minute items, we were approached by someone who wondered what we were doing. We didn't quite let her know the whole story at first, but after conversing with her for a little while, spilled some of the beans (the what, not the where).

She liked our items well enough to ask one of us if she could commission custom-colored "pom-bombs" (like what went on the parking meters) for a sports club her child was involved with.

40 pom-bombs later and there are some sore fingers from all the winding, cutting and tying. It was a lot of fun, though. Now we have some extra money for yarn and supplies!

We just created a Facebook fan page for Knitorious 209, administrated by one of the members of the group. We're hoping this is a way for other local yarn-bombers to display their handiwork! Please don't forget to "like" our page, if you're on Facebook, also!

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