Sunday, June 26, 2011


*That was my best evil-laugh attempt.

Excitement is building for our next impending group yarnbombing. What started as one simple, subtle idea has exploded into something even more crafty (pun intended). This was a level 5 brainstorming. More people are getting interested, so we should have a good group and number of items to "tag" with. Having a large group of people is good; I worry that if just four or five of us are wandering around, back and forth, "loitering" somewhere, it will be obvious. Having a dozen or more people strolling around in small groups or by themselves would be more casual and less attention-grabbing.

In addition to our knitted and crocheted tags, we do have some other things we've got to prepare:

1) make new paper tags. Probably business cards (yay for Vistaprint's free stuff), as they are smaller than the ones we had last time, and a little thicker.

2) obtain a bunch of yarn needles. We'll probably grab a few packs of these. We will still use zip ties on some things, but we'd like these to last a little while longer.

The next few weeks are going to be busy for those involved as we work to create items

In other news, I did not get to do a yarnbomb in Manteca on Saturday. The location we were at was indoors, and on private property. I looked for a suitable spot down the street, but there were too many people around in broad daylight. My personal goal is to get something else "bombed" before July 1st!

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