Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last night as we yarnbombed Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza (amongst other smaller tags left around town), we were surprised at the lack of acknowledgement. There was a huge event at the Civic Auditorium across the street, cars were parked all around the park, people walking on the sidewalks past us, lots of traffic driving by.

Not once did anyone come up to us, or call out to us. Granted, we were trying to be nonchalant, and it was fading from dusk to dark, but you've got to wonder why several girls are wandering around the park, putting things on trees, fixtures and parking meters for a good hour or so... right?

We also noticed people being oblivious to bright yarn decorations hanging where they shouldn't be. No curiosity, no awareness... wouldn't you want to know why brightly-colored pom poms are attached with a fluttering paper tag to a parking meter? or why a bright yellow and pink flower is tied to the lampshade above your table at a restaurant? We left paper tags on each item, with this blog's URL, a brief explanation of what this was, and that we meant no harm.

Obviously if you're here and you didn't click on a link somewhere, you ARE observant and you DID wonder what was going on. Kudos to you!

Again, we ask: What did you think when you noticed the yarn? Did it remind you of something, someone, or an important memory? Did it please you? Annoy you? Baffle you?

Please comment and let us know.

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