Sunday, June 12, 2011

More pictures of MLK Jr. Plaza Yarnbombing

Our first "warm-up" yarn bomb. Not ten minutes after this was up, a young kid (about 11?) was sitting at the table, completely unaware there was a flower above his head.

Second tagging - same restaurant.  :)

Getting things sorted and ready to go...

The garlands used on the Vietnam Vet memorial at the park

The queen bee and her five worker bees. Report this afternoon is that the queen and two workers have flown the coop... er, hive.

The memorial with flagpole behind

The bee swarm

A monarch....

Dear truck owner... sorry - we pom-bombed you.

Local reporter Michael Fitzgerald couldn't make it out "bombing" with us due to prior arrangement, so we left him a little present on the front door of the Record office downtown.

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